New ETTF Newsletter is out now

The latest ETTF Newsletter, for Winter/Spring 2017 has just been published. 

This edition reports on EU Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition awards to four ETTF member federations to support their sustainable tropical timber action plans, and also looks at the merger of the ETTF and ATIBT legality assurance data and business information satellite websites.

It covers a new sustainable procurement covenant in the Netherlands, a UK TTF FLEGT VPA fact-finding mission to Ghana and the Belgian Timber Importers Federation decision to join Fedustria.

There are special also reportson the arrival and anticipated impact of the first FLEGT-licensed timber in the EU, and on increasing liaison and cooperation between civil society groups in FLEGT VPA supplier countries.

Viewpoint articles are contributed by Sampsa Auvinen, Armand Stockmans, Carles Alberch and Patrick Baraize.

Please click on the icon below to download your copy.