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10:00 - 13:00 In Rubens’ footsteps – Guided walking tour
13:00 - 15:00 Lunch

Guided walk In Rubens' footsteps

Your Rubens walking tour begins in the vicinity of the Scheldt, the river that brought Antwerp wealth and enabled its artists to flourish. Along narrow streets, stonemason’s houses and banker’s residences you walk to the city centre. You’ll pass hip antique and fashion shops and the highpoint will be a visit to the Rubens house.

This Rubens’ walk begins near the Scheldt, the lifeline of the city. Make your way to an attractive part of the historic city centre through narrow streets with the former dwellings of stonemasons and Lombardian bankers. Today this is the place to be for antiques stores and trendy fashion stores. Visit the Rubens’ House on Wapper. With your guide, you will enter the home and studio of Antwerp’s most famous inhabitant, the artist Peter Paul Rubens. Rubens and his family lived in this unique city palace with its sweeping Renaissance garden; it is here that he created some of his most immortal works.

It becomes clear, during a visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady, that art can elevate the mind. On the outside, the old lady reveals some beautiful lacework in stone, on the inside it is a shrine with impressive art treasures. Among others the Cathedral prides itself on its four magnificent paintings by Rubens. The tour ends on Grote Markt, the most beautiful square in the historic city. Do not be surprised to discover that you have completely lost your heart to Rubens and Antwerp.