About Hamburg

Nicknamed the „Gate to the World“, Hamburg is not only the most important harbour town in Germany and the-place-to-go for international container and cruise ships, it is also the second largest city in Germany.

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And it is one of the only two cities in Germany that gained the title as a Metropolis, by reaching more than 100.000 inhabitants, as early as in 1787.

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Due to its history as a large Hanseatic city, the harbour and its internationality, Hamburg has a profound cultural background, a rich socio-economic community and comprises many interesting sights and things to have a deeper look at, such as:

The Harbour             

UNESCO World Heritage: Old Warehouse District (Speicherstadt)

The unique Chile-House

Nightlife at Reeperbahn

Church St. Michaelis

Various musicals, among others Disney’s Lion King

The Filmfest

And of course, various other things like restaurants, beach clubs, places to wander and rest, the lake Alster right in downtown and… not to forget: Its open-minded and welcoming people.
Go, take a look around!

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