About Riga

Riga – Baltic pearl perfectly blends timeless tradition and cutting-edge cool. In its 800 years of turbulent history, Latvia’s capital is an exciting European metropolis at the crossroads of eastern and northern Europe. 

Latvia celebrates it's 100 years on 18th of November 2018 and it means a lot for a country like Latvia. Latvia is created by our thoughts and deeds, through our daily contributions to Latvia’s prosperity. 

‘I AM LATVIA’ is the central message of the centenary celebrations, and the participatory theme ‘I create Latvia. I make Latvia’ reminds us that Latvia’s greatest resource is our people; those who have dedicated their lives to the creation and maintenance of an independent state, and those who creates our present reality with the work they do on a daily basis, and, together with the new generation, are laying the foundation for our future.

More info on Latvia’s centenary home page: https://www.lv100.lv/en/


Best dinner options in town

Bibliotēka №1 Restorāns is a story about the most beautiful park of the city, the unlimited possibilities in the world of taste, and an unforgettable journey through the vineyards of Italy.

Unique and modern library of Latvian cuisine has been made  here and  the most high-quality seasonal ingredients are used. Rch experience is combined with fresh inspiration. On the one hand, well-known classical dishes are king here, while on the other- endless fantasy reigns in a search for new tastes and sensations which turn any lunch or dinner into an unforgettable journey. Bibliotēka №1Restorāns  combines nature with roomy space, exquisite  food with a great jump into the heavens, and the classics with bold creativity. This is a journey both through Latvian cuisine and through a totally new world.



“RESTAURANT 3” Head Chef’s JURIS DUKALSKIS & ERIKS DREIBANTS are gourmets and they cook all their food with love.

In the menus are used only natural foods, unaffected by human intervention or industrialization. They very carefully choose the products, whose certificates clearly show their origin that is in line with the responsible farming and fishing regulations. Supported by wildlife experts, RESTAURANT 3 chef's continue exploring and discovering the unique tastes of the natural foods characteristic only to our region, which makes their food ever more contemporary.

When using nature’s bounties, they observe all the restrictions and give proper consideration to the quantities needed in order to preserve biodiversity and strive to use every single part of the product in the cooking process.



‘Kolonāde. Mūsu stāsti…’ tells stories about Latvia in a way that is modern, but respects traditions. The restaurant’s location on the edge of the city’s most gorgeous parks, between the Freedom Monument, the Latvian National Opera and the Laima Clock allow its guests to enjoy the most beautiful cityscapes of Riga in any season.  Its exquisite and seasonally coloured gourmet menu, its large and high-quality wine menu, as well as its modern Latvian interior have turned this restaurant into an iconic location for Riga’s gourmets and event organisers. The transformation of the restaurant’s concept creates a show out of the change from day to night. The transformation of the interior into a romantic place at night makes it a perfect venue for intimate and formal celebrations that offer an unforgettable view on the beautiful, regardless of the season, cityscape outside the terrace windows.



Restaurant Muusu is a story of values developed through years of experience. We praise beauty and comfort; every detail counts. The Nordic interior – clean lines, raw brick walls, linen fabrics and wood in combination with metal is an exquisite background for that which is essential – the food and our emotions.

The strength of Muusu restaurants is our chef, Kaspars Jansons. We are not afraid to claim that he is one of the best chefs in the city. The ascetic pottery of Muusu, which was made by the Rauna brickyard, is very much like a canvas to paint on. Stable culinary values are at the basis of our menu. These are the classics of contemporary Europe, leaving space for bright interpretations and seasonal accents, while reserving respect for everything that is fresh and of local origin.

Late brunch, a business dinner, an evening with friends or a very special occasion – The Muusu restaurant is like a chameleon, adapting to and supporting your different emotions. We would like to take the liberty to warn you that your time will fly on Muusu sofas.



The three chefs restaurant „Tam labam būs augt” (The good must grow – Eng.) is a restaurant with the open kitchen, beloved by citizens and admired by guests of our city. It was founded in September 2011 by two famous Latvian chefs, Mārtiņš Sirmais and Ēriks Dreibants.

Very fast the restaurant earned popularity and was acknowledged among the highest ranking restaurants in Riga. As a proof to it, in 2013 and 2014 it received a 3rd place in the Top 30 restaurants in Latvia Excellence award.

Despite rocket fast success, we remain accessible, friendly and open to everybody. We love our clients and will provide perfect service even under the most complicated circumstances.



Kaļķu Vārti is a restaurant located in the historical and business centre of Old Town. It presents you an opportunity to open the gate to a journey into the world of meals accompanied by the play of flavours and tastes of healthy and natural products revealing the mysteries of culinary traditions of various cultures. It offers a feast that may allure, surprise and satisfy, at the same time also revealing unknown aspects of the well known things. It is an offer one can enjoy during the business lunch or when relaxing at night.

Since the spring 2009 we have been given a brand new look, in which Nordic light-beige colours prevail. An ornamental charm has been created by means of Latvian ethnographic pattern, derived from a lace coverlet needle-pointed in 1895 in Bebrene parish. Columns in the restaurant resemble supports of a house porch, while chandeliers are reminiscent of a modern variation of Latvian puzuri (compositions made from straws). The entire interior, including furniture and decorative elements, has been produced in Latvia.



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