AEIM / Spanish Timber Trade Federation

Number of members: 
Product types: 
All timber products, sawn timber, panels, flooring, structural products
Main contact: 
Alberto Romero, General Secretary
Telephone number: 
+ 34 915479745
Flora, 3. 2º. 28013 Madrid, Spain

About us:
“Our organisation was established in 1957 as the Spanish Group of Timber Importers. In 1978 we became the Spanish Association of Timber Importers and finally in 2010 the Spanish Timber Trade Federation.
The timber sector (including furniture) remains a significant industry in Spain. It accounts for around 1% of GDP, but has more importance in terms of numbers of companies, around 30,000, and it employs around 170,000 people.
Our membership comprises importers, wholesalers, distributors, agents and exporters and our key areas of activity include promotion of both timber products and our member companies through exhibitions, architects seminars, and other networking and promotional initiatives, publications communication and public relations.
We hold courses for members and, through agreements with technical institutes, provide them with technical consultancy and assistance. We also offer environmental consultancy and advice on such topics as chain of custody and environmental due diligence.
Being a member of the European Timber Trade Federation, we also have wider networking and communication potential and, with fellow European member federations, a strong, combined voice to lobby and communicate with Brussels on such issues as the European Union Timber Regulation.
The Spanish economy and industrial base have been through difficult times recently, particularly construction. But as an industry, given our resources and the performance and especially the environmental strengths of our products, we are taking an optimistic view of the future.”

Alberto Romero, General Secretary