Dansk Traeforening/Danish Timber Trade Federation

Number of members: 
Product types: 
Softwood, hardwood, panel products
Main contact: 
Jakob Rygg Klaumann, Director
Telephone number: 
+45 4587 5400
Egebaekvej 98, 2850 Naerum, Denmark

About us:
“The Danish Timber Trade Federation has a long tradition of representing the interests of the leading wood importing companies in Denmark. In fact, the organisation dates back to 1893.
Our member companies today operate globally and import softwood and panel products from all origins around the world.
Timber is our members' business and livelihood and, with them, we have a commercial interest in ensuring the long-term future of world's forests through sustainable management.  Underlining our commitment in this area, our members follow a Code of Conduct undertaking to source only legal and preferably sustainable timber.
As an organisation and industry, we believe that wood has a great story to tell in the modern marketplace. It is the world's most environmentally friendly and renewable raw material.  By also acting as secretariat for the Danish Wood Initiative – www.trae.dk –  we aim to get that message out to potential customers and the wider market, working every day to raise awareness of timber's potential and to grow its use.
Our membership of the European Timber Trade Federation is also of great importance to us.  It will play
an important role in ensuring a level playing field across EU member states for timber businesses and also raise  the level of awareness of the new EU Timber Regulation, which aims to block trade in illegal wood.  And being part of a greater, well-founded international network is set to become even more  important in a time of increasing globalisation.
Working together we can ensure wood is the material that will build the future.”

Jakob Rygg Klaumann, Director