Number of members: 
Product types: 
Softwood, plywood, hardwood, flooring, structural beams, wood for costruction and packaging, furniture
Main contact: 
Massimo Fiorini, Secretary General
Telephone number: 
+ 39 0280604568
Foro Bonaparte 65 – 20121 – Milan, & Via Toscana 10 – 00187 – Rome, Italy

About us:

“Fedecomlegno, the Italian national timber association,  was founded in 1949 in Rome from the fusion of two previous industry organisations, the Association of National Timber Producers and Merchants and the Italian Association of Timber Importers .
Fedecomlegno today represents importers, merchants, and agents trading in timber, semi - processed and finished wood products, It has around 100 members, spread across the whole of Italy, and strong dedicated representation in all the regions of the country. Italy imports about 80% of its timber, adding up to a total in 2017 of around 11 milioni m3. Most of this is accounted for by the membership of Fedecomlegno. They buy from all the most important producer countries and regions, giving them a strong strategic position in the international timber trade, as well as optimal supply to meet the needs of customers. The timber and related products supplied by Fedecomlegno members are used in a range of sectors, including industrial, handicraft and construction, with their main focus on building, flooring, packaging and furniture materials and products.  In 1985, the organisation strengthened its position further by becoming one of the association members of FederlegnoArredo - the Italian federation of industries of wood , cork and furniture, which comprises more than 2500 members (www.federlegnoarredo.it).  Fedecomlegno promoting Conlegno - Consorzio Servizi Legno-Sughero the biggest Monitoring Organization in Italy.

Massimo Fiorini – Secretary General