Fedustria – Timber Importers Group

Number of members: 
Total number of members: 
of Fedustria: ca. 560
Product types: 
Softwood, moderate and temperate hardwoods, panels
Main contact: 
Filip de Jaeger, Deputy Director General / Ingrid Hontis, Energy Environment Adviser
Telephone number: 
+32 2 5285811
Hof-ter-Vleestdreef 5, B-1070 Brussel

 About us:

In 2017 the Belgian Timber Importers Federation merged into the Belgian federation of the textile, wood and furniture industries, Fedustria, maintaining its internal operational working structure with separate working groups for softwoods, hardwood and panels. Through the merger, the timber importing companies can now rely upon the expert advice Fedustria offers to its member companies on e.g. social affairs, technical and environmental matters, legal and fiscal legislation, communication etc.

The 38 member companies of the importers group generate a turnover of about 700 million Euro employing 600 people.

Fedustria promotes and defends the interests of the companies at various levels, be it regional, national or European, where required and possible in co-operation with other stakeholders and/or European associations like CEI-Bois or ETTF. It sees itself as a one-stop shop for all matters companies are confronted with.

At regular intervals, members meet at group meeting to be informed of latest developments and to exchange experiences.

Contact persons at Fedustria:

Ingrid Hontis (Ingrid.hontis@fedustria.be) and Filip De Jaeger (filip.de.jaeger@fedustria.be)