ETTF - We represent the European timber trade and import

Working together for the benefit of the forests and timber trade is the mission of the European Timber Trade Federation, says Secretary General Thomas Goebel.

The European Timber Trade Federation is an association of four European assortment federations into one powerful unit. Therefore, the ETTF board includes representatives of the plywood division, hardwood and softwood importers as well as representatives of the former European Federation FEBO reflecting the diversity of the European timber trade.

ETTF is the voice of the European representation of interests for all trade issues and advocates fair trade in open markets for legal and sustainable timber products. ETTF has a strong presence in Brussels through its umbrella federation CEI-Bois. This European timber industry federation has a dedicated trade group to prepare trade issues and policy.

In addition, ETTF is involved in regular consultations with other timber industry federations and the EU Commission. At the level of the general directorates, important issues for the timber industry are discussed with the federations.

ETTF is an international network and communicates worldwide with organisations and partners committed to sustainable timber trade, including environmental organisations and certifiers.

We keep members informed on professional, economic, ecological and fiscal developments that could help timber marketing and boost consumption. We also act as a hub to foster collaboration. We can learn from each other's views and expertise on different issues, and in facing challenges together under one umbrella organisation, pool our experience, knowledge and resources to the benefit of the timber business as a whole.

Every European timber trader, whether exporter or importer, is dedicated to ensuring the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our raw material. To underline this commitment and take it forward, the ETTF also aims to monitor trade performance in purchasing verified legal and sustainable timber products. Additionally we will:

  • Promote the use of timber as a sustainable raw material.
  • Lobby for lower taxation on verified sustainable timber products.
  • Back international efforts to address deforestation, forest governance and climate change.
  • Support the EU’s Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan.
  • Ensure carbon value is taken into account for forests and forest products.
  • Support harmonisation of responsible purchasing policies and guidance.
  • Promote mutual acceptance of credible certification schemes.

The ETTF is focused on assisting our members meet the requirements of the EUTR with a coordinated strategy on due diligence illegality risk assessment approach. To this end we have developed our own pan-European Due Diligence System for adoption by our member Federations and other organisations for their memberships, and individual companies. This, in turn, will also make it easier for our suppliers to understand and meet the demands of the EUTR, ensuring mutual benefit for all.

While accepting that it places new demands and pressures on our industry, we and our members fully support the EUTR. Any measure that helps ensure the long-term availability and supply of timber to the EU and improves its market prospects,, should be welcomed as a key step in ensuring a sustainable timber trade and, consequently, the future of the forests.