GD Holz/German Timber Trade Federation

Number of members: 
Product types: 
Softwood, hardwood, plywood, flooring, structural beams, garden products, decking, veneer.
Main contact: 
Thomas Goebel, Chief Executive Officer
Telephone number: 
+ 49 30 726 25 800
Am Weidendamm 1A, D-10117 Berlin, Germany

About us:
 “The 900 member companies of the German Timber Trade Federation (GD Holz) had a combined annual turnover of €11bn in 2011.
Based in Berlin, our organisation is divided into five sections: wholesaling, retailing, foreign trade, round timber trade and veneer business.
The main events for the Federation are our  General Assembly, which takes place once a year, and the “Branchentag Holz”, the trade fair of the timber sector, which is held every second year.
Drawing on the range of services and expertise offered within our  five divisions, GD Holz  can offer significant know-how and advice to anyone with a technical or other query about timber. We also provide legal advice and services.
Our federation also provides our membership with a link into a much wider industry network. We are a member of several German wood industry associations, including the German Wood Economic Affairs Council (DHWR) and the Initiative for Veneer and Nature (IFN). We also participate in a range of engineering standards committees and, of course, are now also a member of the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF), which widens our range of contacts and input across the EU.
Currently our main projects are FSC and PEFC group certification initiatives for  member companies, and our  application to become one of the official  monitoring organizations for the  EU Timber Regulation. We are also involved in timber trade promotion in Germany, e-learning and other areas of education and training in the sector.”

Thomas Goebel, Chief Executive Officer