GD Holz / German Timber Trade Federation

Number of members: 
Product types: 
Softwood, hardwood, plywood, flooring, structural beams, garden products, decking, veneer.
Main contact: 
Thomas Goebel, Chief Executive Officer
Telephone number: 
+ 49 30 726 25 800
Am Weidendamm 1A, D-10117 Berlin, Germany

About us:
 “The 900 member companies of the German Timber Trade Federation (GD Holz) had a combined annual turnover of €11bn in 2018.
Based in Berlin, our organisation is divided into five sections: wholesaling, retailing, foreign trade, round timber trade and veneer business.

The main event for the federation is the “Branchentag Holz” (timber show), which is held every two years in cologne at the area of cologne fair, the next will be in November  2021. It is a representative fair for timber industry and timber trade in Germany with a growing share of exhibitors and visitors from abroad. The last fair counted exhibitors from 18 different countries. Highlight of the fair is the “Branchenabend”, a networking party for all visitors at the first evening/night of the fair with more than 1.500 visitors.

Drawing on the range of services and expertise offered within our five divisions, GD Holz can offer significant know how and advice with a technical or other query about timber. GD Holz also provides legal advice and services.

Due to the timber regulation (EUTR) and the duty for a due diligence system, GD Holz offers a comprehensive service for European importers to meet the administrative requirements. This offer contents seminars, a due diligence system and current information concerning questions of legal import. GD Holz offers this service European wide in German and English language.

GD Holz is member in the German Wood Council (DHWR), an umbrella organization for associations with a timber background.

Thomas Goebel, Chief Executive Officer