5 October 2017

The (European) market for (sawn) softwood
Dr. Holger Weimar
Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics
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Market Developments Europe
Andreas von Möller
President ETTF
Market Developments Europe
Sampsa Auvinen
President EOS
Canada / Market Developments
Don Kayne
President & CEO Canfor Corp.
United States / Market Developments
Marc Brinkmeyer
Owner & CEO Idaho Forest Group
North Africa / Market Developments
Mohamed Loudghiri
Softwood Procurement Manager Group Robelbois
Egypt / Market Developments
Ibrahim Elshal
CEO & Purchasing Director, Elshal Timber
Sviatoslav Bychkov
Managing Director, Marketing & Communications, Ilim Timber


6 October 2017

UK / Market Developments
Charles Hopping
Chairman Hoppings Softwood Products plc
China / Market Developments
Shen Wei
Sec. Gen. of Wood Importers Committee of China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association
Japan / Market Developments
Michael Nomura
Sales Manager Schweighofer Group
Softwood in Construction in the Future
Dr. Tanja Haas-Lensing
Business Development HAAS Fertigbau GmbH