Our mission

\\ one voice in Europe

Honorary President
Andreas von Möller

The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) is an organisation that brings together the knowledge and experience of the timber trade across Europe and can represent its joint interests in the EU market and abroad, writes Honorary President Andreas von Möller.

It is a single body representing the range of trade activity and its key product groups; the import and export of softwood, hardwood, and panel products.

Currently we have fifteen national federation members and five associates, comprising three independent companies in Norway, Sweden and Morocco, the European Parquet Importers Federation and the International Tropical Timber Technical Association. But we are not a closed shop. We want to develop and strengthen our organisation and the door is open for new members to come in.

Best met together

I believe 90% of the problems and challenges faced by our trade today are best met together, by presenting a united front and speaking with a strong common voice. This applies to our efforts to make timber the sustainable choice, to support international initiatives addressing deforestation, governance and climate change and to implement codes of conduct.

Environmental concerns are increasingly critical for the timber sector at national and European level. The sustainability of our raw material is a key focus for both consumers and governments. Their demands are clear and unambiguous. They want to know that forests are sustainably managed and that timber is legally sourced. By joining forces in the ETTF, the European wood sector can work together to address market anxieties on these vital issues. Through lobbying, education and promotion, we can support and contribute to international efforts to combat deforestation, and climate change and improve forest governance.

We are better heard

United as one body encompassing the softwood, hardwood and panel trades also makes us a formidable knowledge resource and consultation partner for Brussels. Our combined voice and single message will ensure we are better heard by both the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well, of course, as EU national authorities. This is critical, as these institutions shape the rules and regulations that govern the daily business practices of timber companies across the EU.

The ETTF is especially proud to have been closely consulted in the formulation and implementation the 2013 EU Timber Regulation, which bans illegally produced timber being placed on the EU market. There were fears the measure would impose significant additional administrative burdens on our industry. But, by presenting our case to the EU, we were able to help make it practical as well as effective.

Through the combined efforts of our member organisations and future partnerships we can continue to strengthen our influence and our industry and advance towards our clear goal: to make wood the sustainable choice for the future.

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