Welcome to the International Softwood Conference 2022!

On behalf of Danish Timber Trade Federation (DTTF),
European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) and
European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF), we warmly welcome you to the
70th International Softwood Conference, the ISC 2022.


Presentations   &   Reports


Immediately go to full programme here ISC programme here or speakers biographies here.
As was the case last year,
the conference will be held once again in a hybrid format.
While this will give the possibility to attend the conference online to people who cannot travel, we wish to host as many physical participants as possible.
Register now for the ISC 2022 and join us for a unique opportunity to discuss future timber market trends.
We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen, Denmark 12th-13th October 2022.
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Danish Timber Trade Federation, ETTF and EOS express gratitude to the below mentioned sponsors. They make the hybrid ISC possible and provide a key contribution to this remarkable event. On behalf of the entire softwood value chain, the organizers wish to say thank you:
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Interested in becoming a sponsor?
Contact us at      dktimber@dktimber.dk     to find out what sponsorships are available.

Programme and Speakers
13th October

Immediately go to ISC Programme here

ISC Speakers’ Biographies


During the whole conference, you can ask written questions in the chat, which will be answered during the Q&A sessions.
During the Q&A sessions, also oral questions will be taken and be answered immediately by the respective speakers.

0800 – 0930
Your Host and Moderator:

Keith Fryer
(Past President | UK Timber Trade Federation)

Keith Fryer
1345 – 1405
China Outlook

Mathias Fridholm
(Director | Swedish Wood)

0930 – 0940
Welcome by DTTF / ETTF / EOS

Jakob R. Klaumann
(Director | DTTF)

Jakob Klaumann_
1405 – 1425
Japan Outlook

Eiji Sahara
(Head of Lumber Section | Hanwa Co., Ltd. )

Morten Bergsten
(Softwood Chairman | ETTF)

Morten Bergsten_program
1425 – 1445
Russia Outlook

Antti Koskinen
(Manager | AFRY Management Consulting)

Herbert Jöbstl
(President | EOS)

1445 – 1505
From EUTR to “EUDR”?
Possible implications

Silvia Melegari
(General Secretary | EOS)

0940 – 1000
Economic Outlook

Johan Freij
(Forest Specialist and Analyst – Head of Forest & Agriculture | Danske Bank Sweden)

Alexander Donka
1505 – 1515
1515 – 1545
Coffee Break
1000 – 1020
Setting the Scene:
Current Opportunities and Threats
for our Sector

Paul Brannen
(Director Public Affairs | CEIBois)

1550 – 1610
Improving the Usage from Wood Fibers from Forest

Emil Engelund Thybring
(Ph.D. | Copenhagen University)

Emil Thybring
1020 – 1055
Coffee Break
1610 – 1650
Possible Economic Impacts of recent EU forest-related Policies I

Hélène Koch
(Policy Advisor | CEPF)

1055 – 1115
1115 – 1135
ETTF Market Outlook

Morten Bergsten
(Softwood Chairman | ETTF)

EOS Market Outlook

Herbert Jöbstl
(President | EOS)

Morten Bergsten_program
Jöbstl Herbert 2018-08
Possible Economic Impacts of recent EU forest-related Policies II

Damian Zielinski
(Policy Advisor | Polish State Forests Directorate General)

1650 – 1655
Wrap Up

Keith Fryer
(Past President | UK Timber Trade Federation)

Keith Fryer
1135 – 1155
Canada Outlook

Don Kayne
(President & CEO | Canfor Corporation)

1655 – 1700
Close and Announcement of 71st ISC 2023

Morten Bergsten
(Softwood Chairman | ETTF)

Morten Bergsten_program
1155 – 1215
US Outlook

Marc Brinkmeyer
(Chairman | Idaho Forest Group LLC)

Herbert Jöbstl
(President | EOS)

Jöbstl Herbert 2018-08
1215 – 1235
DIY Perspective

John W. Herbert
(General Secretary | EDRA / GHIN)

John W Herbert
1235 – 1245
1245 – 1345

Moltkes Palæ,
Dronningens Tværgade 2,
1302 København

Moltkes Palæ_2

About the Organizers

Danish Timber Trade Federation represents the interests of the leading timber importers, agents and timber traders in Denmark. The organisation dates back to 1893.
Members are committed to take responsibility for sourcing timber from sustainably managed forests certified according to the internationally recognized FSC or PEFC standards.
DTTF has set an ambitious 2025-target of 95 % of members’ purchase of timber products originating from sustainably managed forests.
The European Timber Trade Federation represents the timber importers, distributors, traders and non-importing merchants interests’ across Europe.
The ETTF operates on a united base, representing and lobbying on behalf of the trade to national level and EU-authorities as well as key decision makers.
ETTF also engages with environmental and other NGOs and provides a discussion and networking forum for the EU timber trade on key issues, from legislation and the environment, to sustainable timber promotion and best practice. In total, ETTF today has 15 member federations.
EOS new logo logo for website
Created in 1958, the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry is a Brussels-based non-profit association representing the interests of the EU sawmilling sector on EU and International level.
The goal is to further strengthen the interests of the EU sawmilling sector and to this end, it aims to influence EU policy-making. It is the main body representing the interests of the sawmill industry. In total, EOS today has 12 member federations, which are responsible for about 80% of the European production of sawnwood.
The European Sawmill Industry comprises around 35,000 enterprises which employ around 250,000 people. Most of these are microenterprises with 1-9 full time employees – FTEs, while large enterprises (>250 FTEs) are not many, but play an important role. The sector has a total production value of more than EUR 36 billion.


The ISC 2022 team remains at your disposal for any inquiry regarding the
International Softwood Conference: