New Zealand raises procurement bar

Voluntary measures ensure that legally and sustainably verified tropical timber now accounts for 90% of New Zealand’s imports. But traders are still raising the bar. They’re pressing for anti-illegal timber import legislation and looking at non-tropical timber’s eco credentials. Malcolm Scott of the New Zealand Imported Tropical Timber Group reports.

Certification worth a second EC forest strategy look

The EC has committed a “serious oversight” in its new Forest Strategy by overlooking the potential contribution environmental certification schemes can make toward development of a rounded environmentally and commercially sound forestry sector, writes Forest Stewardship Council Managing Director Kim Carstensen 

Intra Asian hardwood trade set for growth

January 2014

Global market trends are seeing the Asian market becoming an increasingly self-reliant timber producer and consumer, writes Michael Buckley of World Hardwoods in Singapore

China takes a greener perspective

January 2014

China is taking a keen interest in environmental timber legislation worldwide, as well as pushing on with its own legality and sustainability strategies, writes Gao Ya, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation at the China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association

Laying a forest footprint trail

October 2013

The Timber Trade Action Plan contributed to the fight against illegal logging and could be used as an example for other sectors and industries to reduce their deforestation impacts, writes The Forest Trust project manager Alastair Herd, who was involved with the initiative from 2007.

Tropical transformation and timber towers

October 2013

Australia’s timber trade is evolving in response to a combination of value adding in tropical countries and a revolution in wood-based building, writes John Halkett, Managing Director, Forestlands Consulting and General Manager, Australian Timber Importers Federation

Hands on the VPA wheel

October 2013

Thailand has decided that implementing a FLEGT VPA has to be the way forward, and it’s determined to get there, writes Thai Timber Association chairman Jirawat Tangkijngamwong


EUTR – the supplier’s perspective

September 2012

Timber suppliers outside Europe still have concerns about the EU Timber Regulation, but they’re working hard to ensure compliance, says Malaysian Timber Council London director Sheam Satkuru-Granzella